The snow in guangzhou chemical co., LTD. Is specialized in battery clapboard with PE and toothpaste grade silicon dioxide production and sales of industrial companies, agents and so on several categories of products, at the same time is China clean oral care industry association governing units. Zhaoqing Jin Sanjiang silicon material co., LTD. Is the snow in guangzhou chemical co., LTD. Production base, is specializing in the production of series products of silicon dioxide now... [detailed]

    On the occasion of our commitment to the vast number of users: the company spirit of " technology innovation, quality, service as a fundamental " business philosophy, the spirit of " quality first, customer first, integrity and pragmatic, win-win cooperation " of the enterprise purpose, dedication to provide quality and cheap products, satisfied

Silica is abrasive necessary preparation of transparent, translucent, toothpaste, is also the main raw material of battery PE separator in the world. This company produces the silica products, choose high quality raw materials manufacturing, brings together the domestic and international advanced technology of long....

  In order to speed up the progress of technology, our company and the South China University of Technology to establish a long-term relations of cooperation...

Choose high quality raw materials manufacturing, brings together the domestic and foreign advanced technology, products, various performance indicators are reaching or higher than the industry standard requirement, moreover can also according to the requirement of the user in the production of special types of silica. The company's products have been domestic and international numerous well-known battery and toothpaste enterprise choose...

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